Alamby's Design

Men's Clothing Manufacturer in China

We are a European-managed men’s clothing manufacturer, based in southern China. Our collection consists of basic designs and contemporary fashion. Every garment will be branded with your brand labels and custom care labels.

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Good quality materials and professional craftsmanship are integral ingredients of our men’s clothing. Each garment is available in several colors. We are also able to further customize the apparel with print, embroidery, and various kinds of labels.

Coming soon

We are currently working on our OEM men’s clothing collection

As a white-label clothing manufacturer, each garment will be branded with your brand labels as well as customized care labels.

Our collection will be added to this page shortly. Until it's ready for sale, we recommend you to check out the custom clothing production!

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Alamby's OEM

Private Label Clothing Manufacturer:
Full OEM-Service

As a Private label men’s clothing manufacturer, we produce all garments with your brand labels and custom care labels. Further customization, including custom packaging, is possible as well. Just tell us what you need and we will handle it!

Custom Men’s Clothing

Do you have your own designs? Then let us bring them to life! We produce all kinds of women’s clothing. Our production managers guide you through the process! Get started with the custom men’s clothing production!